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The consolidation of consumer credit is a rather complex financial operation, it can only be implemented by a credit company or a bank, it is also possible to apply to an intermediary, ie to a brokerage company like Loantinis.

Explanations on the loan consolidation:

loan consolidation

Its usefulness:

It is common for a household to have several credits in progress, (car loan, work loan, revolving credits etc ….), Very often, they were contracted with different organizations. When the household budget is stable, repayments are in principle no problem. But where there may be a concern is when resources come down or when new expenses arrive. In both cases it becomes difficult to repay each month these different loans.


Its operation:

Its operation:

A solution exists, it consists of grouping all these credits into one. The financial institution to which the indebted household is addressing will repay outstanding loans in advance. Then by adding these amounts with the fees, we obtain the amount of this new “unique” credit. Then a new schedule is calculated so that the repayment monthly is compatible with the financial situation of the borrower.


If you are speaking to Loantinis:


You will then have to do to a broker , his role is to select an attractive offer from its partners (credit agencies).

  • It will offer you a rate of interest that you probably will not get by looking for yourself.
  • Of course he will take a commission, it will be integrated into the financing.



Loantinis has been a brokerage firm since 2006, it is a dynamic and serious company.


So, is it more interesting to apply to a broker of this company or do we have to compare several offers?

A broker can not only find an interesting proposition but is also able to “plead” a difficult file with his partners. Of course, these services have a cost, but it is covered by the economy that it makes its customers do.

It is possible to put a number of banks or credit companies in competition with one another, either by contacting them or by using a credit redemption comparator .

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